Dignity of Identity and Person-Centred Care

As a non-for-profit aged care provider, Scalabrini’s main focus is to provide quality person-centred care rather than valuing other things like cutting costs and making large profits. Scalabrini’s care approach is to put our full attention on the individual and customise the care they receive based on their personal wants, needs and values.

We see the goal of person-centred care to be facilitating and maintaining the concept of ‘dignity of identity’.

Dignity of identity, also known as personhood, has three parts:

  1. Individual autonomy and integrity
  2. Connectedness and relationship with others
  3. Defined personal view of self that has both a past and a future

A loss or reduction of dignity of identity is often seen in individuals who are aging or have received a difficult diagnosis regarding a disability or an illness (eg. dementia). This can leave the individual feeling frustrated due to a sensed lack of control based on real or perceived restrictions around their expressions of personhood.

At Scalabrini, we aim to help our aged care residents maintain their dignity of identity through person-centred care. This care is specialised and customisable, meaning it looks different for each unique person based on their needs.

Person-centred care includes:

  • Making time to communicate with, understand and build trust with residents and their families
  • Encouraging holistic health by meeting physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs
  • Preserving and maintaining levels of independence where possible for residents
  • Creating transparency and mutual respect due to a partnership with residents and families, especially around decision making regarding care

If you’d like to learn in more detail about the concepts of dignity of identity/personhood and its relation to person-centred care, you can read these journal articles:

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