Welcome to Scalabrini

Established in 1968, the vision of our founding fathers – to create a place where their ageing family members could feel at home – continues to resonate across Scalabrini today. This inspiring and enduring model of love, compassion and care is the bedrock of everything we do today and everything we aspire to.

Built on authenticity and solid foundations, Scalabrini continues to evolve and innovate, actively embracing change and better ways of doing things. While we are informed by the most up-to-date research and world’s best practice, we are guided by a common humanity in the way we support our residents to live their lives with self-worth and dignity.

Our guiding principles

Everything we do starts with you, the resident – your needs, your interests, your passions in life.

We believe that having meaningful connections is what makes us all human and feeling like we belong.

At Scalabrini we want to get to know you better. We want to make every moment matter by reflecting on what is important to you, making it more important to us. We hope that the experiences we create with you enrich your life and at the same time, the lives of those around you.

We open our hearts to you and welcome you to our family.  

Allambie Heights

167 Allambie Road, Allambie Heights, NSW 2100


65 Edmondson Ave, Austral, NSW 2179


28 – 34 Harrow Road, Bexley, NSW 2207

Chipping Norton

199 Epsom Road, Chipping Norton, NSW 2170


650 Oakes Rd Yoogali via, Griffith NSW 2680

The Village by Scalabrini

5 Mary Street, Drummoyne NSW 2047