Welcome to Scalabrini

Established in 1968, Scalabrini is a not-for-profit aged care provider with 7 residential villages across metropolitan and rural NSW. Our mission is to provide outstanding care to the frail aged and those living with dementia, delivered in our founding Italian tradition of community, family, mutual help, Christian faith, and a genuine sensitivity toward cultural and religious differences.

The vision of our founding fathers – to build a place where their family members could feel at home, continues to resonate across Scalabrini today. This inspiring and enduring model of love, compassion and care is the bedrock of everything we do and everything we aspire to.

With a past built on authenticity and solid foundations, Scalabrini continues to evolve and innovate, actively embracing change, and better ways of doing things. Informed and guided by the most up-to-date research and world’s best practice, we work hard to translate our efforts into high quality care for our residents.

Everything we do begins with you, the resident – your needs, your interests, and your preferences.

Our goal is simple; deliver excellent clinical care and, at the same time, ensure the lives of our residents are enriched, and filled with purpose, wellbeing and happiness.

Our design principles and care models are driven by normal daily living, ensuring you have wider choice, greater control in decisions, and more opportunities to actively participate in daily life.

We want to create a home for our residents. To us “home” is where we live, not something which is home-like. A home is a safe place. A sanctuary.

Our village environments, vibrant with a sense of community and friendship, are curated with purpose. We want you to continue to remain engaged, involved and enriched, so you gain the greatest quality of life available  to you.

Our Philosophy