Getting Started

Aged Care

How This All Works

Moving a loved one into accommodation more suited to their changing lifestyle needs is overwhelming. You face logistical challenges and financial complexities at a time of incredible emotional strain and uncertainty. We get it and we want to help.

Here we’ve created five simple, manageable steps, along with a list of FAQs, for you to follow to help you understand the practical and financial side of the process.

Complete an Assessment

The first step is to contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 to organise an Aged Care Assessment. The assessment is entirely free of charge and determines the best level of care for you.

Choose your Provider

Make sure you choose a provider, like Scalabrini, whose values match your own. Consider things like levels of care, sense of community, proximity to family and friends.

Take a Tour

You can only learn so much online. Take a tour of your chosen facility and see for yourself. Be inquisitive and come ready with all your pre-planned questions.

Finances & Logistics

Complete a government financial assessment to better understand what contribution you can expect. And don’t forget, we’re always happy to guide you through this.

Apply for our facility

Then move in and let us take care of the rest.

Frequently AskedQuestions

Your AN-ACC Referral Codes.

Make sure you have your Care Assessment Completed by an Aged Care Assessment Team. This determines the level of care that you require.

To organise, please contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422

Enduring Guardianship and / or Power of Attorney documents.

It’s important to have these legal documents in place when you enter Aged Care.

Scalabrini has a deep and unwavering mission to provide faith-based and empathetic care, especially to migrant communities who want to maintain a close relationship to their heritage and traditions.

We passionately believe that our residents, along with their families, should always have full empowerment and control of their choices and their decisions.

Scalabrini’s role is to provide a high level of care and support when needed, and to make our residents feel at home from the very first day of their stay with us.

Remarkable Care

Our Registered Nurses are available around-the-clock ensuring all is well.

We understand the emotional upheaval you may feel when leaving your family home. Our wonderful team are there to support you during this time. They will work closely with you and your family to understand what you need and will be there every step of the way to make sure you are settled in and comfortable.

Feel at Home

The feeling of ‘home’ is such an integral part of our day to day life at Scalabrini and we encourage you to bring with you items that are dear to you, to make your space truly your own.

Our onsite qualified Chefs prepare nutritious, home-style meals that are cooked freshly for you everyday. 

With large open spaces, there is ample space to enjoy the sunshine with family and friends.

Scalabrini would not be what it is today without the love, support and spiritual guidance of our Religious Sisters and the Scalabrini Fathers. 

Across Scalabrini our sisters live and work onsite in each of our villages. They give to our residents and their families a spiritual presence and focus on care, comfort and compassion. 

Our Sisters provide spiritual programs, companionship and grief support to our residents and their families, regardless of faith.

All Scalabrini villages have an onsite chapel for prayer and worship. These peaceful spaces provide opportunities for individual and community reflection.

There are many different fees and it is like when you go into a hotel except at Scalabrini we provide a Hotel of Care.

  • This means that you pay fees to cover the room charge – Daily Accommodation Payment but you can avoid this if you instead pay a deposit – Refundable Accommodation Deposit. Think of a Daily Accommodation Payment like rent and a Refundable Accommodation Deposit like a paying in advance in cash except you get the cash back! You can choose to pay a mix of both to reduce the Daily Accommodation Payment.
  • You pay a room service support fee – This is a Basic Daily fee and means tested fee. The maximum Basic Daily Fee is $61.96 and the maximum means tested fee is The government may reduce the means tested fee if you send them information on a Combined Assets and Income Assessment.
  • These fees are covered by government rules and the government reduce the amount they pay Scalabrini through Services Australia to reflect the amount they want Scalabrini to collect from the Resident. Therefore Scalabrini do not set the fees but act like a credit collection agency.
  • The government then pay Scalabrini a Care fee called AN-ACC. The Government pay this direct to Scalabrini to cover the majority of the nurses and care worker costs etc.
  • The final fee is a co-contribution to the additional services Scalabrini deliver above the standard. The government let Scalabrini charge a daily service fee on top of the other fees for this. This will be explained to you during the contract discussions.
  • Scalabrini will often pay these fees 4-6 weeks prior to getting any refund from the government or being paid by the Resident through Direct Debit. Scalabrini have to fund the cash gap and, most importantly, also fund the wages of staff who provide the care before they get any money back, therefore it is important to pay the bills on time

No, it is not compulsory at Scalabrini for you to carry out a Combined Assets and Income Assessment. For those who choose not to carry out this assessment you will be charged the maximum means tested care fee and the full accommodation price once your AN-ACC (Aged Care Funding Instrument) assessment has been received by the Department of Social Services.

It can take up to 6 weeks to receive your assets and income letter after submitting the form to the Department of Human Services. We encourage you to complete this in advance, so you have the information ready for when you come into care.

This assessment is valid for 120 days from the date that you receive your letter from the Department of Human Services.

This depends upon each individuals own specific circumstances. Each individual must complete a Combined Assets and Income Assessment. This lists their assets and income and is assessed by the Department of Human Services. Depending upon your personal situation you may be classified as a ‘Fully Supported Resident’ or a ‘Partially Supported Resident’ and receive some financial assistance from the Government.

Yes, the amount that you pay in a lump sum will be completely refundable when you leave the Scalabrini aged care home. If you decide to use this lump sum to fund some of the fees and decide to take the drawn down payment option or you have elected to have some other fees taken from your Refundable Accommodation Deposit, then you will get back what is left. Scalabrini will send you a statement to tell you how much the fees are and what you have left.

Scalabrini recognise that some residents and families may want to avoid paying fees each month and instead prefer that Scalabrini takes the money from the Refundable Accommodation Deposit. This is called a drawn down option. Scalabrini will charge an interest rate on any reduction to the lump sum. This is because you are really paying a mixed Refundable Accommodation Deposit and Daily Accommodation Payment and then change it each time there is a fee to pay. The advantage is that families and residents may not have to pay fees to Scalabrini and instead use the Refundable Accommodation Deposit lump sum. If you want to look at this as an option, then please speak to a financial adviser and also Scalabrini Debtors team.

Unlike a lot of for-profit providers Scalabrini is guided by its mission and values. This means that as a not for profit we are able to provide care at a lower cost. Sometimes care can cost more than the savings. The government recognise this, and you can submit a new Combined Assets and Income Assessment. This may result in you paying less. Alternatively, you may reach what is called the lifetime cap when you have paid the maximum amount for means tested care fees. We are proud that Scalabrini do have a hardship process to cover this, but you have to apply, and it is reserved for extreme cases of hardship.

You will be required to pay the basic daily care fee and the Scalabrini service fee where these are charged by our homes. You have up to 63 respite days available in a financial year but most of our homes limit respite to two weeks at a time due to the high demand for respite. If you chose to become permanent you can still leave and this might represent better longer term security for a resident.

We always recommend that you seek financial advice from an accredited financial advisor who can guide you through the financial decisions relating to aged care. Scalabrini’s Financial Guidance Panel provides options for accredited financial advisors who have completed comprehensive training in financial advice specific to aged care. 

Not sure where to start?We are here to help