Chronic and Complex Care

Excellence in Chronic and

Complex Care

As life expectancy increases so too does the incidence chronic conditions commonly associated with ageing.

As life expectancy increases (Australians are now living an average of 25 years longer than they were a century ago) so too does the incidence chronic conditions commonly associated with ageing. Chronic diseases are medical conditions that tend to be long-lasting and persistent in their symptoms or development. They include some cancers, heart disease, diabetes and chronic respiratory diseases. Often these conditions don’t exist in isolation and optimal treatment for one condition may interfere with the optimal treatment for another. This is what is referred to as chronic and complex care.

Longer life expectancy, coupled with continued improvements in medical science, means we are increasingly living with these chronic conditions which impact on the physical, emotional and mental well-being of individuals, affecting their relationships and involvement in daily activities. In many cases, however, health outcomes can be improved if these chronic and complex conditions are well managed.

Key to Scalabrini’s management of chronic and complex care is the availability of our Registered Nursing staff twenty-four hours per day, seven days a week. Our stable, well educated and highly trained staff provide consistent and coordinated clinical care, building relationships between our residents, their families, general practitioners, medical and allied health specialists, to ensure optimal management of chronic and complex health needs.

Ensuring our residents’ chronic conditions are well managed enables them to live life to the full and engage in our Sono Io programs.

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