Addressing Negative Perceptions of the Aged Care Industry’s Reputation

In the past, the Australian aged care industry didn’t always have a positive reputation.

The Australian Government has updated their legislation over the years to improve the quality of practices within the industry. This is based on the main aged care framework ‘The Aged Care Act 1997’ which defines government-funded aged care. These legislations set out a comprehensive rule book for the operation of aged care services in Australia and is designed to ensure that older people receive high-quality care and support that meets their individual needs.

Aged care has had a bad reputation in some places due to a range of factors. However, Scalabrini is determined to do aged care differently. Below are some reasons why aged care has not always had a stellar reputation.

1.Reports of abuse and neglect: 

Unfortunately, there have been multiple reports of abuse, neglect, and mistreatment of older people in some aged care facilities nationwide. Due to the intimate nature of caring for another person and the emotional connect we have to the elderly within our society, these reports have contributed to a general negative perception of the whole industry.

To combat this, Scalabrini has multiple processes and rules in place to prevent such incidences from occurring and addressing any concerned raised by staff or family members to keep our residents safe and well cared for.

2.Inadequate funding: 

The aged care industry has been chronically underfunded in Australia. A lack of funds can lead to inadequate staffing levels, lower-quality facilities and poorer care outcomes for residents to save money.

To combat this, Scalabrini was established as a non-for-profit organisation. Therefore, the money made from charging for our aged care services goes straight back into caring for our residences, maintaining a high quality level at our villages and within our programs and paying our staff a good wage based on their role.

3.Lack of regulation: 

Some critics argue that the aged care industry has been poorly regulated in the past, allowing some providers to prioritise profits over the welfare of residents.

To combat this, Scalabrini works closely with Governing bodies, union groups and resident advocates to ensure that the care provided goes above and beyond the bare minimum of the industry and that all requirements are met

4.Stigma and ageism: 

There is often a stigma attached to aging, which can lead to ageist attitudes and discrimination. This can be reflected in the way aged care is perceived and discussed in the media and society.

To combat this, Scalabrini has a designated Wellbeing team that does social and cultural activities and events with the residents to celebrate their individual identity and create community where they feel hear and appreciated. We also have Religious Sisters at each Scalabrini village who provide pastoral care and emotional/spiritual support to those in need.

5.Challenging care needs: 

Providing care to older people with complex and challenging care needs can be a difficult and demanding job. Some providers may struggle to provide adequate care in such situations, leading to negative outcomes for residents.

To combat this, Scalabrini employs a variety of health care professionals to ensure all resident needs can be met. Each resident also has their own unique care plan that outlines their medical requirements for staff to follow based on decisions made by the resident, their loved ones, their party medical staff like a general practitioner and Scalabrini. Scalabrini also specialises dementia care, palliative care and complex/chronic care. Therefore, our villages and staff are confidently able to assess and support every person in our care.

With new reforms, not only the quality but the perception of the aged care industry is getter better each and every day. We acknowledge that its a difficult season for residents and their loved ones but with kindness, skill and transparency, aged care is there to care for those who need it.

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