How Scalabrini is Addressing Affordable Housing for Seniors

At Scalabrini, we provide more than just aged care services. We have retirement communities on the same campus locations as some of our aged care facilities where those aged 70 and older can purchase Independent Living Units (ILUs).

We sell these ILUs at different price points across Drummoyne, Allambie Heights, Austral and most recently we’ve started the process of reviewing and accepting applications for those wanting to live at the Cabrini Apartments in Bexley.

The ILUs at Bexley are named Cabrini after St Frances Xavier Cabrini as a nod to Scalabrini’s Catholic Italian background as a non-for-profit organisation. She was a contemporary of Saint John Baptist Scalabrini and the founder of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Saint Cabrini founded her order to provide support to migrants as worked closely with our founder Saint Scalabrini and we found it was fitting given her missionary focus on migrants and the links to the Scalabrini Order to name the apartments after her.

In line with our Scalabrini Mission, these Cabrini Apartments are designed to be good quality and low cost. We have focused on creating an accessible and comfortable living space that promotes feelings of pride and belonging while maintaining a sense of independence. These ILUs at Bexley aim to bridge the gap of housing needs for elderly seniors who come from migrant and lower income backgrounds.

All residents in the Cabrini Apartments are not just a retirement community on their own, but are also connected to our Scalabrini Bexley aged care village. As they’re on the same site, those within the ILUs can access the large range of aged care village’s support services, including pastoral care.

Why is there an application process?

As part of our heart and mission to care for the elderly in our community, the Cabrini apartments are intentionally priced as affordable housing for low-income, migrant seniors. An application process ensures that the people renting this space are actually the community in need that we’re wanting to help. Seniors, especially those form lower income backgrounds, have a higher risk of becoming homeless. Therefore, at Scalabrini we want to address the housing needs of this under serviced group of individuals.

Prospective residents in need of affordable housing and supportive services are encouraged to explore the opportunities offered by Cabrini Apartments. For inquiries regarding the application process, availability or to schedule a visit, please contact Scalabrini on 1800 722 522 or enquiries@scalabrini.com.au


Independent Living Units (ILUs) and their benefits

What are Independent Living Units (ILUs) and their benefits?

Independent living units (ILUs) are a type of housing for seniors looking to downsize in order to reduce their maintenance responsibilities at home. It’s important that was we get older we’re able to age in place. Having accessible living ensures that once you move into an ILU, you shouldn’t need to move again unless there are other unforeseen circumstances where more care is needed as you age.

There are 3 main benefits to moving into an ILU:

Moving into a new community tailored to your needs and built around convenience

• ILUs help you maintain independence while removing certain stresses or concerns around housing and aging. General unit maintenance like gardens and gutters are no longer a concern as this is all completed for you by our onsite maintenance team. With units that are one level with walk-in showers, ILUs like those offered at Scalabrini should have a focus on accessibility.

Enhancing your quality of life by promoting an active and fulfilling lifestyle with other seniors

• The retirement community often holds their own social events where you can spend time with neighbours and meet new people. With something new always happening, there are no fears of social isolation or loneliness.

Safety, security, and peace of mind as you’re connected to staff from our aged care facilities

• The ILUs are on the same grounds as our aged care facilities. Therefore, while you’re living in a retirement community, you can still gain access to the services of our aged care facilities and reap the benefits of having access to our staff.

Our ILUs are clean and newly refurbished, meaning they’re ready to buy and move into today. However, you can also choose your own furnishings to suit your personal preferences and needs. Outside of the units there are community common areas for you to spend time in and get to know your neighbours as well as participate in group activities. Extra services are additionally available at an added cost which includes things like physiotherapy or hairdressing.

We have units available at different price points at Austral, Allambie Heights, Bexley and The Village by Scalabrini. To enquire today about joining the Scalabrini retirement community, call us at 1800 722 522 or email at enquiries@scalabrini.com.au