Chronic & Comlex Care

What does Chronic and Complex Care mean?

Chronic and complex care is an umbrella term that we use at Scalabrini to account for a range of conditions that need a high level of care. Chronic and complex care is often interrelated, with chronic conditions often also being complex conditions. However, they are not always connected and can indeed be individual. This care may include a combination of physical, cognitive, or behavioural health conditions that require ongoing management and support.

Chronic indicates that a condition impacts an individual for either an extensive or constant time period. Unlike acute conditions, chronic conditions may last for years or over the course of someone’s life time.

Complex conditions are when the treatment needed is intricate. This may include needing 24/7 care, a multitude of medications or there are conflicting treatment options due to multiple conditions or needs interacting with each other.

Living with a chronic and/or complex conditions impacts an individuals physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. While it does affect routine, in many cases health outcomes can be improved or maintained when well managed.

At Scalabrini, we are able to accommodate for chronic and complex conditions by providing quality care by our highly trained medical staff. Your care plan is personally crafted to you or your loved ones needs and is conducted by a case by case basis on assessment. We also provide additional services such as physiotherapy to aid in the care coordination for an individual. Our goal as an aged care provider is to support all our residents to live with maximum dignity and independence no matter their condition.

To talk to our team about a chronic and complex care assessment, please email them at or call 1800 722 522 today.