Who Works in Aged Care?

Aged care is a large industry that contains multiple different types of workers and health professionals to ensure that quality care and support is provided to residents. Some of these key roles include:

Village Manager (VM): The VMs are the leadership team at each village who are responsible for overseeing all care areas. They ensure Scalabrini maintains and facilities a nurturing and empowering environment where residents receive person-centred care that proves them with control, purpose and dignity. VMs also look after the village staff members and volunteers to help them to grow and excel in their respective areas as well as partnering with the local community in a mutually beneficial manner.

Administration Team: Pro-actively supports the Village Manager in ensuring that processes, systems, procedures, and resources are organised and coordinated to provide Scalabrini quality person-centred care in the villages as well as prompt and professional customer service for residents, families, colleagues, volunteers and visitors.

Registered Nurses (RNs): RNs are qualified nurses who are employed to provide professional clinical care to aged care residents. Their role includes assessing resident health needs, developing care plans, administering medication, dressing wounds and other medical requirements as well as managing the care team.

Care Team: Includes Carers and Assistants In Nursing (AINs) who are apart of a collaborative care team that works with residents and their loved ones to create meaning and purpose for individuals and the broader village community. They deliver person-centred care to residents that empowers them to live their life as independently and in control as possible. The care team develops genuine bonds with residents as their primary providers of their care and support.

Wellbeing Team: Our wellbeing team are in charge of creating the tone and culture of each village through activities and events that improve the social lives of our residents. Scalabrini celebrates different culturally significant days as well as holidays and awareness events along side general daily lifestyle and recreational wellbeing activities to affirm each resident’s identity and create a strong sense of community and belonging for all.

Pastoral Care Team: Scalabrini’s pastoral care team consists of Religious Sisters who provide spiritual and emotional support for the holistic care of the residents, families and members of staff across all of Scalabrini’s villages. The Sisters provide the freedom to practice religion for residents and cares for all those apart of the Scalabrini community experiencing complex emotions like grief or are in a crisis. This ensures that not just physical but mental, spiritual and emotional needs of others are also met.

Chef & Catering Team: Includes Executive Chef, Cooks, Catering assistants and Baristas who are committed to high quality food options for residents and visitors at each village in a safe and hygienic manner. Many catering functions are performed within this dynamic hospitality team to ensure each resident has their dietary requirements met as part of Scalabrini’s person-centred care.

Overall, aged care is a collaborative effort, with a range of health professionals and support workers providing care and support to the elderly. At Scalabrini, we place a significant focus on holistic health and person-centred care which drives the outcomes for each support team and staff role.