The Wedding Gown Gala: A Celebration of Memories at Scalabrini Allambie Heights

The Wedding Gown Gala, an innovative exhibition held at Scalabrini Allambie Heights, successfully united residents, staff, and families by honouring the matrimonial heritage of the community.

Our wellbeing coordinator, Alessandra Salso, who organised the event on Tuesday with the goal of bringing back the happy memories of our residents’ special day – their wedding. The display featured a collection of vintage wedding dresses, wedding photographs, each narrating the tale of a lifelong commitment made years ago.

The initiative also provided a unique opportunity for staff to engage with residents on a personal level, satisfying their curiosity about the residents’ pasts through the visual storytelling of their wedding days. Moreover, the staff also had an opportunity to showcase their wedding dresses which comes from diverse cultural backgrounds. This interaction fostered a deeper understanding and appreciation for the lives and experiences of those we care for daily.

The events success was greatly influenced by the active involvement of families, who not only assisted in its organisation but also utilised it as an opportunity to establish connections with other families. Everyone participated in the cultural exchange, gaining knowledge about the various wedding customs of our team and others from outside, which enhanced the educational aspect of the gala.

The result was a harmonious environment where stories of love and cultural heritage were shared openly, creating a tapestry of shared history and mutual respect. The gala was more than just an exhibition; it was a celebration of the collective spirit that defines Scalabrini.

Our community is grateful for the opportunity to share a special occasion. The whole Scalabrini team and appreciates the efforts our teams put in for our community in our aged care villages and as we move forward, we promise to keep organising such events that honour and bring together our differences and similarities which aligns with our values and mission.