Social Isolation in Seniors

Addressing the increasing levels of social isolation and loneliness is of paramount importance. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has recently deemed loneliness as a global health priority. The impacts of loneliness are often overlooked, but are crucial determinants of health across all age groups, particularly affecting seniors.


It is estimated that 25% of people aged 60 and older globally are considered socially isolated. The consequences of social isolation and loneliness on the longevity, physical and mental health, and overall quality of life for seniors are substantial. In fact, the effect of social isolation and loneliness on mortality has been likened to that of well-established risk factors such as smoking, obesity, and physical inactivity. It can even increase the risk of dementia by up to 50%.


Recognising the significance of this challenge, various interventions have been developed to mitigate social isolation and loneliness among older individuals. At Scalabrini, these efforts range from face-to-face interactions to digital solutions ran by our wellbeing teams at each aged care village location.


Furthermore, creating accessible age-friendly communities plays a vital role in reducing social isolation and loneliness. Scalabrini’s Social Hub is a new seniors day program to combat loneliness and foster community and relationship. Our focus on quality care, tailored lifestyle programs, and engagement with the broader community for all our residents and clients aligns with the our mission to be a for-purpose organisation.


Outside of Scalabrini, The United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing (2021–2030) is an international initiative that aims to improve the quality of life of older people and aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. More and more organisations along with Scalabrini are working towards becoming a more social community to improve the health of everyone in our society.


The four goals of the UN Decade of Healthy Ageing are:

• Combat ageism

• Create age-friendly environments

• Provide integrated care

• Ensure access to long-term care when needed


At Scalabrini, the goal of our services is to provide individualised care that encourages choice, control and dignity means that rather than just living life, you or your loved one is living with purpose in a socially beneficial environment.


If you want to learn more about the wellbeing and social programs we run at Scalabrini, please contact our friendly staff today at 1800 722 522 or at