Our COVID-19 Response

Access to ourBooking Calendars

In times where your village may be experiencing an outbreak, we are still focused on connecting our residents with their loved ones.

Visitor Bookings

Please book appointments with consideration to everyone in the village community; It is important that all residents are given an equal opportunity to see their loved ones.


Bookings are available with a 14 day lead time.


To book your appointment, please select the village and then click on the relevant section.


Please be aware that your appointment does not guarantee access to the village, as all visitors must undergo strict screening prior to entry.


Please select your village location below:

Video Chat Bookings

Video chats are via FaceTime or Skype.


We ask that families please;


Only make 1 booking per resident per day;


Keep calls to a maximum of 15 mins;
Understand that in addition to their normal duties, staff will be assisting residents with these calls, so things may not go as smoothly as we would like them to.

Please select your village location below: