Dual Triumph: Scalabrini Villages Wins Best Workplace Title Again!

For the second consecutive year, Scalabrini Villages Pty Ltd stands tall as the recipient of the prestigious ‘Best Workplace’ award, bestowed by the globally recognized Xref Engage. This tribute serves as a resounding endorsement of the company’s unwavering commitment to cultivating an environment that not only values but also actively engages its workforce.

With a remarkable satisfaction score nearing 85% from a staff body exceeding 1,000 individuals, Scalabrini Villages has set a new benchmark for what it means to be a supportive and motivating employer. This figure is not just a number; it is a testament to the company’s dedication to ensuring that each employee feels an integral part of the collective mission.

Richard de Haast, the CEO of Scalabrini Villages, expressed his elation over this achievement, “We are absolutely thrilled to receive this award for the second consecutive year. This recognition is a reflection of our incredible staff and their willingness to provide honest and constructive feedback, which we always take seriously. Company culture is not something that can be set and forgotten; it is something we strive to constantly evolve and improve. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to every member of our team for their dedication and for taking the time to share their satisfaction, thoughts and ideas with us.

The company’s exceptional staff engagement is further highlighted by the over 85% completion rate in the satisfaction survey. This level of participation underscores a collective eagerness to contribute to the company’s evolution and to be a part of its success story.

De Haast further emphasised the correlation between employee happiness and customer satisfaction, “We firmly believe that happy staff leads to happier residents and customers, which is ultimately why we’re all here. Our team’s well-being is crucial to delivering the high-quality care and service that Scalabrini Villages is known for.”

As Scalabrini Villages Pty Ltd looks to the future, it does so with a clear vision—to maintain and further enrich its culture, ensuring it remains a sanctuary where employees are not just supported but are inspired to excel. This is a place where excellence isn’t just expected; it’s nurtured, making Scalabrini Villages not just a workplace, but a home for those who are part of it.