Scalabrini Austral and Annabelle Child Care Centre:
Building Intergenerational Community Relationships

It really is beautiful to see intergenerational relationships blossom between the old and the young.

Our Scalabrini Austral village has a special relationship with the local pre-school, Annabelle Child Care Centre. The preschool has been visiting our village for the past few years to build relationships between the children and our elderly residents.

It always puts a big smile on everyones faces to see the happiness that the preschoolers bring to our village and each elderly person they interact with. This partnership between Scalabrini Austral and Annabelle Child Care Centre survived the COVID-19 pandemic where we were able to use technology to keep meeting together. Therefore, its been a joy for both the children and the residents to be able to come together in person again.

The children come visit residents every week and rotate between the different village casas to make sure they can say hi and spend time with everyone equally. They spend a good part of the day at our village and interact with residents through a variety of activities ranging from arts and crafts to physical play activities to morning tea. Our residents love chatting to the children and teaching them new things.

We were even able to celebrate Grandparents Day together, where each resident had an adopted grandchild from the preschool who brought them beautiful greeting cards that they made themselves.

We are loving having the children and staff from Annabelle Child Care Centre visit our residents as part of their schedule. We are looking forward to continuously partnering with them in building deeper community and intergenerational relationships between the young and old.