A Journey of Resilience and Hope: Alex’s Path to Permanent Residency in Australia Through Scalabrini Village

Few storylines in the vast mosaic of human history shine as brightly as those that exemplify resiliency, hope, and the quest for a better life. One such story is Alex’s journey from the Philippines to Australia, which demonstrates the transformational power of opportunity and tenacity in the face of adversity.

Dreams of a better future characterised Alex’s early years, as he was born and raised in the Philippines. Equipped with an undergraduate degree, he set out on a nursing profession, only to run into the harsh reality of a volatile job market. His dreams were dashed by unstable work and financial difficulties, which led him to look for other sources of income, including a job at a call centre.

But when Alex’s wife left for Australia in search of fresh possibilities, destiny had other ideas. Love kept them together despite their distance from one another, and Alex took the brave choice to follow in her footsteps, sacrificing familiarity in favour of a better life. He had no idea that his journey would be full with obstacles and setbacks that would put his willpower to the ultimate test.


After arriving in Australia, Alex had to navigate uncharted territory, juggling jobs and study, and dealing with financial difficulties as well as complex visa renewals. However, in the midst of all the uncertainty, Scalabrini Village Ltd — a not-for-profit organisation committed to supporting, migrant seniors and elderly people alongside migrant workers and their families—became a ray of hope.


Alex found a lifeline and an opportunity to permanent residency through the Labour Agreement made possible by Scalabrini, which would change the trajectory of his future. Despite facing challenges along the way, including a devastating separation from his wife and newborn baby owing to travel restrictions aggravated by the COVID-19 outbreak, Alex persisted with steadfast commitment.

His experience embodies the values of Scalabrini, an organisation that promotes inclusivity and migrant community empowerment. Scalabrini, which has a mission based on empathy and solidarity, also gave Alex a sense of support and belonging that helped him go forward in his pursuit for a better future.

One of the most important aspects of Alex’s journey was having the support and mentorship of people like Amber Vega (who is currently serving as Village Manager at Austral Village). Amber’s unwavering faith in Alex’s potential was a source of hope during times of uncertainty and despair. Amber’s encouragement and support enabled Alex to navigate the immigration process with strength and determination, coming out stronger and more resilient than ever. For Alex, permanent residency isn’t just about a legal status, it’s about hope.


Looking forward, Alex’s dreams go far beyond his personal ambitions, and include a vision for the future. With Australia’s free education and limitless opportunities, Alex wants to instill the values of work ethic, compassion and gratitude in his children. He hopes that they will never take Australia’s blessings for granted.

What I want for my children is them to be good people and be grateful for the life they will have it here. Because some of the people in Australia take life for granted like what they have. They don’t know that if they were in a different country, they wouldn’t be able to get the services that they can get in Australia. They won’t be able to achieve them what they can achieve if they were not here.”


Alex gives a message of hard work and resilience to individuals like him:

Don’t give up! You will face hardships in your journey, but you have keep pushing yourself to achieve this in order to give a better life for your future generations.


As we celebrate Alex’s journey, we remember how opportunity can change lives, and how compassion and solidarity can make a difference. Alex’s story is a testament to the power of the human heart to dream big and fight for a better tomorrow. Richard de Haast, CEO of Scalabrini Village further expresses his views on this testament:


The opportunity to fund and enable sponsorships for our staff is an incredible privilege as we know that the outcomes have an inter-generational impact for individuals and their families”.



Labour Agreement x Scalabrini


Beyond a simple collaboration, the Labour Agreement x Scalabrini symbolises a shared dedication to empathy and a common goal of improving the lives of people we support. We cordially invite you to join our team if you’re motivated by Alex’s story and excited to help foster a culture of care. De Haast further added,

This practical and life enriching action of sponsoring people aligns perfectly with the intention of the founder of the Scalabrini Order and his mission to have a supportive and positive impact in the lives of migrants.”

Get in touch with us now to start down a route that will change your life, one in which all of your efforts will be directed towards fostering the community and your deeds will be met with kindness. Reach out to us right now, and let’s work together to create a future full of optimism and genuine relationships.