A Beacon of Well-Being: Alessandra’s Vocational Excellence Award

At the centre of our community, where community spirit meets care and compassion, is our Well Being Coordinator at Scalabrini Village Allambie Heights, Alessandra, who has received the Vocational Excellence Award for the work that she does at the community awards night organised by the Rotary Club last night.

Alessandra’s journey tells a story of staunch championing for making life here at our Allambie Heights village as great as possible for our residents – be it in expanding their interestsand passions with personalised activities, to engendering a sense of social engagement in the broader community, she has undoubtedly given our village a fresh coat of paint with her efforts.

This award is given in honour of her passion for service, Alessandra’s exceptional contribution to improving the quality of life in our village through innovative primary care and her relentless effort to make our village a source of continuing happiness and wellness.

Celebrate this the moment with us at the time we take pride in celebrating Alessandra’s achievement. Her success demonstrates a high level of wellbeing coordinator, a beacon that shows us the way to create a better future for every resident at Scalabrini Village by ensuring their happiness. Congratulations, Alessandra!