Working & Volunteering

Why work for us?
Your work will be meaningful and fun

Residents are at the centre of everything we do – we encourage creativity and give you space and freedom to make your job meaningful and fun.

Our Sono Io person centered care program empowers you to enable others.

You will learn and grow

We love growing our own talent. Through projects, secondments and training, staff are regularly given opportunities to develop their leadership and clinical careers with potential progression to Transition Nurse, Dementia Specialist and management.

We focus on learning and development; over 45% of our Care Staff hold Cert IV qualifications, over the last year we have had 21,650 staff training hours, and we encourage staff to continue their education through the Scalabrini Learning Academy, our online learning platform.

We like to be happy, healthy and valued

We support work-life balance by providing 26 annual leave days as well as 9 weeks parental leave. We also offer competitive above award wages and generous salary sacrifice arrangements.

We provide an Employee Assistance Program that enhances the emotional, mental and general wellbeing of our staff.

We cherish are our heritage and multiculturalism

Our multilingual and multicultural clientele and workforce provide daily opportunities to pick up a new language and learn about different cultures.

We cherish our Italian heritage and celebrate our birthday on the Foundation Day in September every year.

We work as a team

Team Scalabrini is passionate and caring. Every week brings new challenges, and every week we work together to meet them. We also enjoy having fun together: participating in charity events, celebrations, trips, workshops, lunches, picnics, and a lot of laughing.

Long lasting relationships are important to us and we are proud of the meaningful relationships formed by our staff with residents, families and each other.

What do our staff say?
Andrea Perez | Care Manager

Shortly after I started working at Scalabrini in Allambie Heights, I was offered an acting Clinical Nurse Consultant role as one of my colleagues was expecting her first baby, the blessings were overwhelming and I highly appreciate the confidence my manager had in me. It was challenging to do as I was fairly new but everyone – from all of my co-staff to the management – were very supportive of me and it did not take long until I considered Scalabrini my second home. The people work like family, we treat each other with respect, we enjoy every single day with the residents, it almost did not feel like work at all. In mid-2017, I was offered a Care Manager role in Scalabrini Village Drummoyne where I’ve been working since. Scalabrini Village has given me many opportunities to attend quality trainings, be exposed with different professional gatherings and conferences, they have supported my growth largely in this industry and have developed me as a person. I remember proudly talking to my parents and sister back home and with my supportive husband with me through this journey, they could not be happier for me, knowing that I was surrounded by people who would give me support as they would.

Gurpreet Sandhu | Registered Nurse

I began working with Scalabrini in 2013 and continue to do so today. Originally I started working as AIN while undertaking my diploma of enrolled nursing and then continued bachelor of nursing. Scalabrini has always supported me to work within different roles (as AIN, EN and Now as RN) and provides me continuous training and education. With Scalabrini, my personal experience has always been positive. I am very proud to be a member of Scalabrini’s team.

Elaine Cris Ferrer | Care Manager

I started working here in 2014 as a registered nurse. Since then I’ve consistently received support to undergo professional development and was given internal opportunities to grow though the Quality Coordinator and Acting Care Manager roles in a really positive working environment. The Chipping Norton staff and Village Leadership Team have also been supportive of my career goals and inspired me to take senior care management roles within the aged care sector. After my career venture outside Scalabrin Village, I am blessed to be welcomed back by a solid and supportive team and privileged once more to work for this organisation whose commitment and values are second to none. I am definitely looking forward to taking part in Scalabrini’s progressive and compassionate endeavours in Aged Care!

Danielli Paiva | Assistant Payroll Officer

My career in Scalabrini began in 2011 as a casual village secretary. As a young ambitious person I was soon given the opportunity to work as a permanent employee. During that time I was dedicated to learning as much as I could absorb. With the incredible support of my manager I was constantly given the opportunity to learn new skills and progress further with my responsibilities. In 2015 I moved into my position at head office where I have since worked within the team as an assistant payroll officer. Scalabrini is a great company and is a fantastic example of where if you show your dedication to your position and your willingness to learn you will be awarded in time.