Visitor Appointments



Welcome to the Visitor Appointment Calendar

  • two (2) visitors per day aged 12 years and over will be permitted to visit a resident in an aged care facility if they are fully vaccinated and their second dose was received at least 14 days prior to their visit.
  • children under 12 years of age are not be permitted to enter an aged care facility.

As we welcome families back, we continue to follow strict infection control measures to minimise the risk of transmission. This includes limiting the number of people in the village at any given time.  To help manage visitor numbers we have opened up our appointment calendars. 

  • Please book appointments with consideration to everyone in the village community; It is important that all residents are given an equal opportunity to see their loved ones.
  • Bookings are available with a 14 day lead time.
  • To book your appointment, please select the village and then click on the relevant section.
  • Please be aware that your appointment does not guarantee access to the village, as all visitors must undergo strict screening prior to entry.

Make an Appointment

To ensure fairness for all, please only book 1 appointment per week.