Introducing: Scalabrini Social Hub

As an aged care provider, Scalabrini not only has six amazing aged care villages, but is now providing a day program for your loved one to attend. These Social Hub Centres off­er full days of fun activities, both within our centre facilities and out and about.

Currently, the Scalabrini Social Hub is running in three locations over NSW:

•  Drummoyne

•  Mt Pritchard

•  Griffith

This service provides an opportunity for both your loved one to enjoy themselves while participating in our program as well as then letting their careers take a break.

Our Social Hub programs offer uniquely tailored and engaging activities based on the needs of the individual, specifically catering towards dementia care. Some of the activities include but are not limited to:

•  Cooking classes

•  Excursions

•  Daily Newspapers and library

•  Dancing

•  Games and puzzles

•  Exercise

•  DIY classes

•  Friendly interest groups

During the day, freshly cooked meals are provided and all dietary needs can be catered. We also provide transport to and from the centre as required within the designated pick-up area and at an additional cost if this is needed.

There are also additional services for a small extra fee including:

•  Massages

•  Manicures

•  Hairdressing

•  Physiotherapy

•  Podiatry

All the staff participating in the Social Hub Day Program have fully educated and qualified to provide the best care possible in a kind and professional manner. We strongly encouraged that you or a career take a tour of one of our Social Hubs to ensure that our services truely meet your needs.

General practitioners or other healthcare workers can provide a referral for day respite, however it’s not necessary as you can apply directly with us. For diet preferences, allergies, and other requirements, please note that an application form is essential prior to joining.

Contact us today to register your interest in the program and our staff can answer all Social Hub related questions.


•  Drummoyne: (02) 8739 7500

•  Griffith: (02) 6962 7700

•  Mt. Pritchard: (02) 8729 2800