Life at Scalabrini

Residents are front and centre of what we do and how we do it

Taking a fresh perspective toward aged care, at Scalabrini, we are proud to offer beautiful and peaceful surroundings, stimulating and joyful experiences, and the highest quality care and support. But, most important of all, we are champions of our residents’ right to choice, autonomy and control. By supporting residents to pursue their own passions, and find meaning and purpose in their own way, life at Scalabrini is just that – full of life.


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Feel right at home

Enjoy the privacy and comfort of your spacious room with ensuite.

Feel free to bring items that are dear to you, so your living space is truly your own.


Be lured by our sunny outdoor spaces.

Have a cup of tea on a garden bench while enjoying the sunshine.

Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. Savour the best of nutritious, home-style cooking prepared fresh for you, onsite, by our qualified Chefs.

Enjoy your meals gathered around the dining table, or eat in the privacy of your own room.

You decide!

Live your life
Do the things you love!
Make time to be silly!
Make new friends!
Join in the wide array of activities on offer.
Whether its music, dancing, yoga, or a game of bocce, the choice is yours!
Spend time on quiet reflection.
Remarkable care
Our highly qualified Registered Nurses are available around-the-clock ensuring all is well.
When and where you need it, you will be supported by a member of your care team, averaging around one carer to every six residents across Scalabrini.

We understand the emotional upheaval you may feel when leaving your family home. Our wonderful Transition Nurses are there to support you during this time.

They will work closely with you and your family to understand what you need to be happy, and will be there every step of the way to make sure you are settled in and comfortable.

Our highly experienced specialist Dementia Team ensures we deliver exceptional and relevant care and support to residents living with dementia.

Scalabrini would not be what it is today without the love, support and spiritual guidance of our Religious Sisters. Our Sisters provide spiritual programs, companionship and grief support to all who need it, regardless of faith.
Spiritual wellbeing
Scalabrini’s Italian heritage has informed our understanding of the needs of all culturally and linguistically diverse communities, including an appreciation of the importance of language, food, rituals, and spiritual needs of our residents.
Scalabrini would not be what it is today without the love, support and spiritual guidance of our Religious Sisters and the Scalabrini Fathers.

Our Sisters provide spiritual programs, companionship and grief support to our residents and their families, regardless of faith.

Across Scalabrini our sisters live and work onsite in each of our villages. They give to our residents and their families a presence and focus on care, comfort and compassion.
All Scalabrini villages have an onsite chapel for prayer and worship. These peaceful spaces provide opportunities for individual and community reflection.
Across our villages we come together each week to celebrate Holy Mass. These celebrations renew our sense of community, family and relationships.
Family is everything

Families are an integral part of each village.

We encourage family to visit often and at anytime.
Enjoy time together in our sunny courtyards. Have a barbecue or cook up a storm in the Nonna’s kitchen.

And don’t forget to call us anytime to discuss anything.

We also invite you join in our regular group meetings where you can give us your valuable feedback.