Residential Aged Care

Residential Aged Care 

Our Philosophy of Care

Scalabrini’s philosophy of care, Sono Io (Italian for This is me), is founded on the principles of Personhood which recognises the right of each individual to be supported in maintaining their independence and self-determination throughout their life. These principles then guide our staff’s thinking and behaviour in accepting that only the resident them self has the knowledge and right to control the decisions that affect their life.

Scalabrini’s goal is to maintain dignity, meaning and purposeful living for our residents. We know that simply talking about this will not make a difference. Instead, at Scalabrini we have a deliberate strategy in place, where residents are truly at the centre of everything we do.

Our Individually Tailored, Person Centred Strategies

Our strategies focus on the relationships between residents, their families, and our staff, all of who impact upon and are impacted by, the residents’ wellbeing.


Providing a strong sense of home, not a nursing home

  • Home is family. Involving and engaging family to the extent they wish is crucial.
  • Staff will spend time getting to know the resident and their family to ensure families feel comfortable.
  • Feeling at home means that residents can be themselves, feel safe and secure.
  • Residents, their families and staff share decision making on all aspects of life in the village.

Seeing and valuing the resident for who they truly are

  • Staff discover each personality by asking the right questions and paying attention to resident’s preferences. 
  • Staff take notice and look for clues about the resident’s interests and life.

Giving staff the time and flexibility to truly make a difference

  • We recognise the importance of connection, relationships, contribution and autonomy to quality of life.
  • Staff are trained to deliver flexible support to each resident.
  • Staff are enabled to take their time in getting to know each resident’s individual needs.
  • Scalabrini’s boutique offering gives staff the flexibility and time to provide a smile, a personal touch and to notice the little things that matter. In contrast to traditional aged care where routine and structure dictate.
  • Staff spend time interacting with each resident and have the space to listen and connect with the resident more deeply.