Chipping Norton


Chipping Norton

Winner of a prestigious Aged Care Industry Better Practice Commendation Award, this beautiful village features wonderful spaces and friendly faces

On offer are spacious single bedrooms, each with private ensuite, light filled living and dining areas, lovingly landscaped outdoor spaces, an onsite café serving amazing coffees, and a serene chapel for prayer and peaceful contemplation.

We welcome people from all backgrounds and faiths with open arms. Our Italian heritage and everything that this brings means you feel part of a warm large family that cares for you as one of our own.

If you or someone in you love is at a point in life where you need aged care, come visit us and see if Scalabrini is the right fit for you.

Some of the things we offer

  • An active and engaging lifestyle program and most importantly, programs tailored to individual needs
  • Fresh, dietician approved meals prepared onsite by our qualified chef
  • Podiatry
  • Physiotherapy and occupational therapy
  • Cooking, pet, art, music, and humour therapy
  • A garden club and working garden
  • A wellness centre
  • Regular outings
  • 24 hour pastoral care
  • An onsite chapel with mass and church services
  • An onsite hair salon
  • An onsite café
  • Postal service
  • Scheduled entertainment

Fees & Charges

There are 4 types of fees payable.

1) Accommodation Fees

Single Rooms

There are 3 payment options

  • Lump sum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) of $695,000
  • Pay as you go non-refundable Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) of $77.50 per day*
  • A combination of a RAD and DAP, the proportion is up to you. eg $139,000 up front (20% RAD) and $62.00 per day* (80% DAP)

*Calculated as at 01 April 2022. Subject to change with movements in permissible interest rate.

2) Daily Service Fee

$54.69 per day

3) Scalabrini Service Fee

$40.93 per day

4) Care Fees

The actual amount of the fees and payments will depend on your personal situation, the time you enter care, the information you provide to the relevant Australian Government Departments, and your personal and financial information at the time of the assessment. 

Meet Our Village Manager

Isha Kang

Originally from India, Isha very proudly calls Australia her second home. She views herself as a forthcoming female leader with strong professional qualities and a passion for health service delivery – all with a warm humanistic approach. Isha is fascinated by people and finds great pleasure in empowering teams, shifting paradigms and changing cultures. Prior to migrating to Australia in 2005 Isha worked as a Dental Surgeon in India.

Isha studied Nursing at Flinders University in South Australia, and upon completion worked within the Public Hospital environment. She always wanted to learn more and grow so she could ‘make a difference’. Isha was accepted to the Australian College of Health Service Executives (ACHSM) Scholarship Program in Sydney – one of the rare Management Programs that marries theory with Practice. Since completion she has been working in aged care facilities and doing her best to bring about positive change.