Fees & Charges

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Below is a calculator to help you estimate your Residential Aged Care fees. Please note, the calculation is an estimate only.
Do you have a partner?
Your Annual Income is?
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The value of Net financial Assets are?
$ 0.00
The Value of any other Net Other Assets?
$ 0.00
Do you and/or your partner own, or are currently paying off the home you live in?
The Estimated Value of the Family Home is?
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The Expected Price of the Residential Aged Care Room is?
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Fees for Additional Services per day at the facility are?
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Annual Income includes:

  • Income support payments from the Australian Government such as the age pension or service pension;
  • Net income from rental property;
  • War widow / widower pensions and some disability pensions;
  • Net income from business, including farms;
  • Income from superannuation income streams such as annuities and allocated pensions;
  • Overseas pension income;
  • family trust distributions;
  • Dividends from private company shares;
  • If you have a partner, enter your combined income;
  • Do not include interest from your bank accounts or financial investments. Your financial assets will be deemed to earn a certain rate of income.

Financial Assets include:

  • Bank, building society and credit union accounts;
  • Cash;
  • Term deposits;
  • Cheque deposits;
  • Friendly society bonds;
  • Managed investments;
  • Listed shares and securities;
  • Loans and debentures;
  • Shares in unlisted public companies;
  • Gold and other bullion;
  • Gifted assets - if you have gifted amounts above $10,000 in the last year or $30,000 in the last five years, include the amount above these limits as a financial asset.

Other Assets include:

  • Household contents and personal effects (these are typically valued at $10,000);
  • Foreign assets including investments, business interests and real estate;
  • Investment property;
  • Special collections such as stamps, art works or antiques;
  • Superannuation balances;
  • Private trusts, family trusts and private companies;
  • Net retirement village entry contributions;
  • Refundable accommodation deposits.

Estimated Value of Home:

The net market value of your home is the value of the house, less any outstanding mortgages on the home.

If the net market value of your home is more than $162,815.20, it will not all be included in assessing your assets. Instead, a capped amount of $162,815.20 will be included.

Will a protected person continue to live within the home?

Your home will be included as an asset unless it is occupied by a protected person. A protected person is:

  • Your partner or dependent child;
  • Your carer who has lived with you in the home for the past two years and is eligible for an income support payment;
  • A close relation, such as a sister, brother, parent, child or grandchild who has lived with you in the home for the past five years and is eligible for an income support payment.