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We want you to feel at home and know that you matter

To us home is the place you can be yourself. A place where you belong and where you feel safe. A place where you can put your feet up, kick your heels up, or lay your head down anytime you choose. We hope Scalabrini can be that place; your new home, your sanctuary, the place where you are comforted.

We also understand the importance of being respected and valued for who you are. A big part of self-worth we believe is to continue to have purpose in life. We hope to get to know you better so we can find out what’s meaningful to you and how we can support you to continue to feel valued and appreciated.


Feel right at home

  • Feel free to bring items that are dear to you, so your space is truly your own.

  • Go outside and feel the sunshine on your skin.

  • Enjoy the freshly cooked and wholesome meals prepared onsite by our chefs.


Be confident in the care

  • Our Registered Nurses are available around-the-clock ensuring all is well.

  • We understand the emotional upheaval you may feel when leaving your family home. Our wonderful Transition Nurses are there to support you during this time.

  • Our highly experienced specialist Dementia Team ensures we deliver exceptional and relevant care and support to residents living with dementia.


Your spiritual wellbeing

  • Scalabrini would not be what it is today without the love, support and spiritual guidance of our Religious Sisters.

  • Our Sisters live onsite to provide residents and families spiritual support, companionship and grief support to all who need it, regardless of faith.

  • Our onsite chapels are peaceful spaces that provide opportunities for individual and community prayer and reflection.

Celebrate life

  • Do the things you love.

  • Laugh and be silly.

  • Make new friends.

  • Find an excuse for a party.

  • Join in the many activities on offer.

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