Essential Care Visitor Griffith

Essential Care Visitor Registration Form

With the increasing threat of COVID-19, Scalabrini is implementing a number of additional measures to safeguard our residents against COVID-19.

While we will continue to provide access to essential care visitors, to assist with screening and to limit the exposure of our residents to potential carriers of the virus, we are limiting the number of visitors per resident to a maximum of 2.

Visitor Rules of Entry

  • 1
    Only registered essential care visitors are allowed.
  • 2
    All essential care visitors are requested to have a COVID-19 swab once every 3 days and show evidence of the test.
  • 3
    One visitor per resident per day by appointment only.
  • 4
    Maximum duration of the visit is 1 hour.
  • 5
    Visitors will be required to complete a screening process prior to entry.
  • 6
    Entry and exit is only via the designated entry point.
  • 7
    All essential care visitors must only engage with the resident nominated for the visit.
  • 8
    Visits must be conducted in the resident’s room, or a COVID safe area designated by the Village Manager.
  • 9
    Visitors must practice good hand hygiene by sanitizing hands before and during their visit.
  • 10
    Visitors are required to avoid touching, hugging or kissing and to adopt social distancing by allowing 1.5 metres distance from any person.
  • 11
    Essential care visitors are required to attend a 30 minute online COVID-19 safe education session. Session dates will be provided soon.