About Us


About Us

Formed in 1968

Scalabrini’s mission has remained steadfast in providing outstanding care to the elderly and those living with dementia, where the person is valued and respected as an individual.

As a not-for-profit organisation, Scalabrini has always been able to put residents’ needs first. Because we aren’t driven by profit maximisation, we are able to continuously invest back into the business. As a result, we sit above industry norms in many key deliverables such as the quality and expertise of our staff, the quality of our food, and the lifestyle choices we offer.

Our six villages are exceptional in their own way; from our brand new, state of the art village in Drummoyne with its magnificent village piazza and neighbourhood living concept, to Scalabrini Griffith, set on seven acres of planted gardens, to the beautifully renovated property in Chipping Norton; all feature comfortable living spaces and a wonderful village atmosphere.

There are more important benchmarks we set for ourselves however, namely the delivery of authentic care that respects the individual for who they are as a person. Sono Io (This is Me), Scalabrini’s philosophy, places the individual first, giving people choice, control, dignity and respect. With this comes a true sense of belonging, a feeling of being home and in control.

Our reputation as a quality provider and our determination to offer an all-round quality package also helps us attract and retain the best staff; dedicate people who choose aged care for reasons well beyond financial remuneration. It is in our best interest to reciprocate their loyalty and dedication by investing in their wellbeing and development. As our people flourish, so does Scalabrini.

We hope you visit us and see for yourself how a strategic approach to placing the individual first, developed by experts and delivered by well-trained and committed staff in a not-for-profit setting works to the betterment of everyone.

Our Mission

Scalabrini will be recognised as one of the outstanding providers of care to the frail and to those living with dementia and as the outstanding provider to culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Our Vision

The provision of excellent care to the frail aged and people living with dementia, delivered with a profound sense of justice and a respect for all cultures, and in the Italian tradition of community, mutual help, Christian faith and family.

Our Values


Residents, staff, families, volunteers and contractors will be treated in a manner that recognises their rights.

Our organisation is committed to the fair and equitable access of excellent aged care by the whole community.


Our service will be characterised by empathy with our residents and their families.


Everyone who touches our organisation: residents, staff, families, friends, volunteers and contractors will be treated with dignity and consideration.


Our commitment to each other and to our residents is that we will strive to provide the best care possible, the best accommodation, a safe environment and a positive community.