Bexley Village is situated in Sydney's Inner West. If you want to be close to your family Bexley is the perfect choice. Plenty of parking is available and the village is easily accessible by public transport with a bus-stop outside the entrance and railway stations nearby.

Village Manager

Jenny Graham AM, CSM

Village Location

28-34 Harrow Road

Bexley NSW 2207

Phone: (02) 9597 1333

Residents Handbook

Visiting hours

You can visit your family member at all times.

Home Locations Bexley

Levels of care

The two-storey village is a high-level care nursing home with 79 beds, an 85 bed low care hostel (including a 24 bed dementia specific unit) and 17 self care units. We provide 24 hour care for male and female, single, geriatrics and special groups.


Bexley offers easy access by car and public transport for families from Sydney's main Italian communities. There is a bus-stop outside the entrance and railway stations nearby at Hurstville,

Kogarah and Rockdale and Bexley North. Plenty of parking is available.

There are regular masses and church services by the Scalabrinian Fathers, the religious orders of sisters or visiting chaplains from other denominations.

We provide a video service, local and Italian television (via satellite) and you can watch TV in common rooms or in your own room (if you want it installed).

Participation in the regular bingo,

card games, parties, craft, group and individual activities is encouraged.

Regular outings are organised, sightseeing trips, picnics and visiting other villages. There is a walking program that gets the residents active around the grounds

Call soon to get on the waiting list

To get on our waiting list it is important to call us or email us as soon as possible for an application and information pack. Contact the village manager of your chosen village or villages.

Fire Safety in Residential Aged CareMandatory Notices for Facilities without fire sprinkler systems