A letter to the Austral Village Manager

"My grand mother Giuseppina Oliva is a resident at the Galliani wing of the Austral Scalabrini Village.

Being a woman of her age, she has many complications and her Heath is unfortunately declining, however my family and I are so thankful to have found such a harmonious, caring, loving environment where my grand mother can spend her final years. On Sunday I spent the afternoon with my grand mother, in the hours that I was there I can honestly say I have never witnessed such high level of professionalism, love and care that the nurses displayed which made me think no wonder why Scalabrini is one of if not the best retirement villages in Australia.

However this did not stop at my grand mother only, my observation on how each resident is treated is absolutely fantastic. The nurses obviously having a busy day tended to each resident as best as they could but the best part was it was done with a smile on their faces.

Please forward my congratulations to your staff on a fantastic job they are doing, in particular to Malu and Lucinda who were and still are great at what they do, you should be very proud being a manager of a great place like Scalabrini village."

Anthony Portolesi, Resident's relative, Austral

"Amongst our residents there is a great love for our gardens and glorious outdoor spaces."
Village Manager, Austral

"I used to visit my husband Giovanni here every day. When he died my doctor said you can’t stay at home. You need to be with people. So I said, I’ll go to Scalabrini!"
Renata Roberto, Resident, Austral Village

"I value our potential in all areas. Our potential to be a leader in aged care, to be forward thinkers and to develop careers."
Village Manager, Griffith