Village Manager, Drummoyne

SVL Richardson A

Andi Richardson

Andi is a compassionate, competent and visionary Aged Care Leader. She is passionate about Dementia and Palliative care and enabling residents’ wellbeing through person centred approaches to care involving residents and their families. She takes pride in developing strong teams ensuring that people grow and develop their capabilities and are highly engaged in their roles.

Andi has held multiple managerial positions in aged care and comes to us with extensive experience in leading Culture Change in the aged care sector. With a driving passion for change, she has been instrumental in her past working experiences in taking residents, staff and families on a journey to help them move and evolve into a very different and rewarding person centred living and working environment.

Having worked as a Clinical Nurse Consultant for several years in the private hospital system, Andi brings with her, significant clinical nursing experience. She is a Registered Nurse, a Registered Midwife and has been accepted into commencing a PhD in Philosophy focusing on Palliative Care in people living with Dementia.