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A Volunteer’s Story

Lia Galligani, Drummoyne Village

“I’ve been a volunteer with Scalabrini Village Drummoyne for five years now. I first started coming when my mum was a resident. I visited her every other day and I got to know the residents. I saw how much everyone looked forward to seeing the volunteers.

So when my mum passed away I became a volunteer. At first I didn’t think I could possibly help. But I soon got the hang of it.

For me, I find solace to come back here. My mum’s here. This is where she spent the last two years of her life. She had dementia. On the days I’d take her out, she’d tell me when it was time to take her home. This was home to her.

I make sure I’m here every Friday. I help out with festas and functions and I interpret. I also run a weekly reading group. I engage the residents with Italian language and culture. They love to sing, to chat and to reminisce.

Last year, I volunteered to mentor the staff learning Italian. It means so much to our residents to hear the Italian language. It means ‘I’m home’. It means they are in a place where people care about their needs.

We all share a common purpose. That is to brighten the lives of the elderly who deserve to receive recognition and enjoyment as they live their lives within our villages.”