Our Stories

A Resident’s Story

Renata Roberto, Austral Village

“I’ve been here since September 2012. I used to visit my husband, Giovanni, here. He had Parkinson’s disease. I came every morning and every afternoon for six years from our home in Bass Hill.

When he died my doctor said you can’t stay at home. You need to be with people. So, piano, piano, I said I’ll go to Scalabrini!

I walk everywhere, it keeps me young. I’m not interested in the television. I’m 89. I came to Australia in 1955 from Trieste.

I love the festivities. The music and the dancing, the Festas and going to the shopping centre on Fridays. I love music and I love opera.

I have no children, but I have a niece and a nephew. Scalabrini Village is really home to me.

It’s busy here all the time.”