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A Carer’s Story

Joan Testi, Bexley Village

“I’ve been working at Scalabrini Village Bexley since 2004. I’m an AIN (Assistant In Nursing) and I currently work as a carer in dementia and low care. I love it here. It means the world to me this job.

I became a carer because of my Nan. After her stroke back in England she’d just sit in her chair with a long, sad face all day until her carer would walk in the door, then my Nan’s face would light up. I’d never seen my Nan so happy. And I thought: I want to do that!

I love to be with the residents. I love to hear their stories. I like to visit them in my break times.

When I tell people who aren’t in this line of work that I’m a carer, they often ask me, ‘How can you do that?’ But I love it.

I always talk through everything with the residents. It’s their home here and I’m coming into their home to look after them. That’s why I explain what I’m doing. You have to reassure them. Especially in the dementia unit.

I think being a carer is a vocation. I’m passionate about it.”